Wear Gemstone According To Your Birth Month

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Published: 11th November 2010
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Those born in the month of January would do good to the gemstone Garnet. This will essentially give the wearer great health and utmost protection especially whilst traveling. Besides that, Garnets is also used to signify truth and faith in people.

However, for those who are February babies, the birthstone will be amethyst. Basically, the normal color of amethyst is purple, albeit different shades of it. Needless to say, the better the quality, the darker will the shade be. This stone will exude calm to the wearer, besides helping to heal and provides spiritual awakening.

For the month of March, do aim for wearing aquamarine. This will provide the user with happiness, bravado and foresight together with vision. It can also up their IQ level. This stone also has the powers to minimise poison effects, restlessness and anxieties.

Valueable previous gemstone diamond, also known as a woman's best friend is the birthstone for April. Unique because it is considered worldwide as the purest. Diamonds has been shown over and over again that women just love to wear it to feel unique, special, glamorous and loved.

Beautiful emerald is the birthstone for people born in the month of May. As the emerald stone represents a talismanic stone, it will be able to help the wearer to heal minor ear problems, digestive problems and even certain heart diseases.

In the month of June, mid year, pearl will be recognised as being the beneficial birthstone. Traditionally, brides love to wear pearl necklaces during their own weddings. Accoding to popular sayings, this will prevent women from crying and following this, assist to provide the couple with marital bliss forever and ever.

Ruby is the birthstone of people born in the month of July. The main purpose of wearing a ruby give the wearer good general health, happiness and joy, wisdom and good luck in all that they do.

For August babies, they would do well to ensure that they wear a peridot often. This stone is derived from the volcano. As it can be multi-hued, one can find them in shades of yellow green. It would assist in bringing the wearer luck, peace and success. This stone can also help the wearer to good restful sleep as it soothes and calms nerves and dispels negative emotions at the same time.

Sapphire is for those born in the month of September. This gemstone encourages and promotes loyalty, friendship, imagination and more importantly, peace of mind to the wearer.

For October babies, the stone to choose is opal. Looking very mystic, it has and can be used to assist in curing various eye disease. It also helps to balance the left and right brain and encourages faithfulness in relationships.

Lucky November babies as there are two gemstones to choose from for the month of November, i.e topaz and citrine.

Topaz comes in red, brown, pink, orange, yellow, sherry and/or colorless. Citrine is the color and symbol of cheerfulness and as such, wearing it will help to attract money to the wearer. Very good for business people indeed! The Topaz gemstone removes all energies that negates creativity, creating a more positive person.

The gemstone tanzanite is December's gemstone. This stone will bring a wearer back into balance, in Chinese, this is recognized as "chi". It works through the "higher body nervous system by nourishing all cells in the body.

Hope the above will help you in selecting the best gemstones to bring out the best in you.

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